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All our jewellery


from our own or our customer’s idea






A piece of jewellery comes about in many ways, but first and foremost we need an idea of our own or our customer. Once the budget has been set, we decide whether our design involves the use of gemstones or not. If they are to feature, we choose the most suitable ones according to the customer’s needs and preferences.
We will then produce a draft, a sketch or a small drawing. The aim of this is twofold: to provide an idea of how the finished item will look, and a guideline for choosing the best techniques for executing/constructing the piece.

The preparation of the alloy is the basic starting point. As far as gold is concerned, only 750/000 fineness is used. As regards the silver alloy, the more ethnic 800/1000 fineness, which tends to tarnish naturally, can be chosen. Alternatively, the finer 925/1000 is far less subject to oxidation and better suited to finishing with white or black Rhodium.
In any case, regardless of whether gold or silver alloys are used, we would point out that no nickel whatsoever is used in our products (in compliance with recent regulations).

We accordingly begin to make the piece of jewellery. A direct construction technique is adopted, assembling the various parts using traditional welding or Laser. Alternatively, a wax model is made before traditional “lost-wax” casting with a Vacuum Process.
Once our model has been finished, we proceed with the roughing and assembly of the gemstones.
Whether setting a single stone or a whole pavé, both are carried out using a microscope. Precise, clean workmanship guarantees the quality of each item made in our specialist atelier.

Technology takes pride of place in our atelier. We offer laser welding and engraving, microscope setting and micro-casting with a Vacuum Process. All of which is brought together in one magical and inimitable combination using the oldest crafting techniques, such as skilled use of the fretsaw, burin engraving in keeping with time-honoured gem setting techniques, hand engraving, “cuttlebone” casting and etching on silver.

We undertake any kind of REPAIR and RESTORATION of antique and modern jewellery and strings of pearls. We offer ESTIMATES and EVALUATIONS of gemstones, polishing and galvanic finishing with white or black Rhodium and gilding.


We make your dreams shine.

You can find all the very best in the art of jewellery-making in our shops. Each piece is the result of over thirty years of experience; jewellery made in keeping with the needs of our customers, or jewellery ready and waiting to be chosen from amongst the available models. Priceless objects for special occasions, from birthday presents to graduation or engagement, or to celebrate religious festivities such as Christmas, confirmations and christenings.

We also create customised wedding rings, whether classic or modern, with or without gemstones.


BRING US YOUR IDEA, we will take care of all the rest; the design, choosing the metal, looking for the gemstones or the right finish or texture.
A solitaire with a precious diamond, a “daisy” style ring with a coloured gemstone surrounded by diamonds, a piece of ethnic jewellery in silver, or a string of pearls from Tahiti or Australia: in our shop, you will find all this and much more!
And if by chance you haven’t yet found what you were looking for, it is merely a question of time…
You will soon find just what you have always dreamed of.


with sophisticated raw materials.

We have links with the finest wholesalers and gemstone dealers. We buy all our gemstones direct from the most important trade fairs (Vicenza, Munich and the Far East). Our prices are, as a result, extremely competitive. We offer a wide selection of high quality products, whether diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls or precious stones.

The alloys we use for our jewellery are made in our own atelier, and are entirely free from nickel. All products not made of precious metals are certified hypoallergenic.